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Atenolol (Tenormin) is a beta blocker made use of to deal with high blood pressure and angina, and also to stop a heart strike. It functions by influencing the blood circulation through the veins and arteries. This medication requires to be taken routinely and it's not advised to quit the therapy unexpectedly as drawback symptoms could be really unpleasant. Atenolol has actually been reported to impair the reaction and alertness of some patients taking it. Unless you bank on the effects this medicine has on you, do not produce participated in dangerous activities that could lead to injuries. Before you start taking this medicine your doctor requires to know if you have actually or used to have any of the following health and wellness disorders: misery, a thyroid gland problem, a heart trouble (heart disease, heart block etc), asthma, diabetes, low blood renal, liver or tension illness.

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This medicine is maternity classification D - it could harm an unborn child if taken by an expecting female. Atenolol has also been mentioned to pass in to breast milk and influence a nursing or the wellness baby. Make certain you tell your doctor regarding your pregnancy of nursing prior to looking the treatment. Atenolol negative side effects can feature anxiety, tiredness, stress and anxiety, sleep issues, minimized libido and impotence.

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